Gift Ideas For A  Blogger. 

Welcome back peeps! No doubt most of you reading this are bloggers; but for those who are not and are stumped with what to gift your blogging friend/significant other, here are some ideas. Though a few are geared towards women, most of these are good ideas for anyone. These are also great ideas for any occasion, not just the holidays.

You may be asking: what is so different about gifting to a blogger? Simple, bloggers do most things, if not everything, with their blog in mind. When they have a new experience or try a new product, they wonder “can I write a blog about this”? As an extra bonus, some of these are great last minute gifts because you can print/email them instantly! So, my criteria for this gift guide was the following:


Items that photograph nicely for Instagram or that are otherwise popular on Instagram because most bloggers  ❤️ Instagram, period.


Gifts are always better when they can actually be used. These gifts are nice to look at but also practical. Not to mention, handy, for the blogger that needs to take many pictures (which most of us do).


Really, this is just my preference. There is a huge movement towards eco-friendly beauty products and lots of brands that have figured out how to have great quality without being filled with crap. I’m sharing my favorite.

On with the ideas:

Sydney Hale Co Candles

I chose this company because their candles are hand poured in small batches. The wax is also a soy blend which burns cleaner than paraffin wax. In addition, part of the proceeds from the candles benefit a dog rescue.

SoPHi Nail Polish 

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I chose this company because their nail polishes are non-toxic, don’t smell and are cruelty-free.
Real Techniques Brushes/Makeup Sponges


Anyone that enjoys and uses makeup would love a Real Techniques Brush set. If that person is particularly glam, go for the bold metals collection. Their core collection is great for anyone and the sponges perform like a dream without being as expensive as the brand “Beauty Blender”.

Doll Up Makeup Case

The Dollup Makeup Organizer is an amazing gift for the makeup user that likes to keep makeup in their handbag. It keeps everything safely stored in a beautiful and functional case. Multiple colors are available.

Root Shea Butter Vegan Lipstick, Pretty Balm, or Pretty Gloss

Photo credit:
Photo credit:
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You peeps know I love Root products. They are vegan, organic and cruelty free. I chose their lip products because most ladies (and some makeup wearing dudes) are looking for a holiday lip color this time of year. But most people don’t consider that they ingest their lip products. If you want something that looks great, smells great, doesn’t have a weird taste, actually improves the condition of your lips and isn’t toxic, these are the products for you. Plus, they are cheaper than buying toxic “upscale” lipstick.

Thug Kitchen Cook Book

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If you haven’t followed Thug Kitchen on social media, you are missing out. They are foul-mouthed, hilarious cooks that prepare awesome recipes for every palette. They are really innovative with their recipes and they keep you engaged. Even if you never make a single dish, you will enjoy reading this book.
HP Sproket

Photo credit:

In the digital age, we all take pictures on our phones, but if they don’t get posted on social media, they get forgotten. No one wants to spend the time, or the money, in have pictures printed. With this portable printer, you can print pictures instantly. The app even lets you edit the pictures before you print them.

A Good Quality Smart Phone Tripod

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Bloggers take lots of pictures of everything that could potentially make it to a blog post. Most cannot afford a fancy camera so smart phone cameras are used very often. As handy as it is to use your smart phone, it becomes really challenging to take pictures when you have to keep, at least one of your hands, on your phone at all times. This really sucks if you are trying to take a picture of your fresh mani or when you want to film a short video clip. Surprise your blogger by gifting them a badass tripod (not the $3 ones that come on a shipping container after 6-8 weeks and then breaks after 2 uses). This one is extra fancy because those things on top are actual lights! That’s right, bright lights to help your blogger get an amazing shot even when the lighting in their space sucks.

Amazon Prime Membership 

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Who wouldn’t love an Amazon Prime membership??? So many benefits for a reasonable price. If you are a student, you even qualify for a discount if you sign up with a .edu email address.

An ETSY Gift Card

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This is a great gift for the person that loves handmade items. Etsy is an online shop where everything is made by hand. No large corporations here, just small businesses looking to share their craftsmanship with you. They have everything from apparel to decor and more.

A Target Gift Card

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Let’s be real…who doesn’t love Target? I go in there to get 3 items and walk out spending $50 (at least) and picking up some extra items I may or may not have needed while I was there.


There you have it peeps; my gift guide for bloggers. As I mentioned earlier, these gifts would be good for anyone, regardless of whether they blog or not and are not specific to the holidays so you can gift these items at any time.

I hope you peeps found my suggestions to be a little more interesting than the norm. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments and let me know what you really want for Christmas. Also, please feel free to share with anyone you feel is struggling to buy gifts and could benefit from my gift guide.

Happy Holidays and…

Stay Awesome Peeps,



*Not a sponsored post. No affiliate links. All opinions are my own*

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