My Favorite Bloggers of 2016!

Hello Beautiful Peeps!

2016 has been a year full of personal challenges, for me. A lot of scary things happened, a lot of un expected things happened and a lot of good things happened too.

In the process, I was forced to step away from blogging and was no longer able to continue posting weekly. I, still, am not back in the swing of things and still have a hard time reading and liking all the bloggers I follow (although I try my best).

Still, I want to give a shoutout and a big thanks to the amazing bloggers who have supported my blog the most, some from the very beginning. I want you ladies to know how much I appreciate your comments, likes and replies. How much I love reading your blogs and how much you inspire me.

Thank you for all your work in 2016, for interacting with me and sharing with the world: your skills, your ideas, your favorite and not so favorite products, your travelling, your style, your recipes and so much more!

Without further adieu:

Polished By Amy

Witty N Pretty

All Things Lacquer

A Brash Attitude

Vegan Needs

Fit Slow Cooker Queen

Without Cruelty

Life with Miz Lulu

Curly Haired Messy Mane

Whimsy Writer

Makeup with Lauren

I wish you all an amazing 2017, not just for blogging but in your personal lives as well. That goes from everyone reading this blog not just the ones I mentioned. I look forward to hopefully doing some more blogging this year.

Much Love and Best Wishes to All.

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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One thought on “My Favorite Bloggers of 2016!

  1. Awwww I just saw this 💞💞💞 love you beautiful hope you’re having a fantastic year ❤️I was off blogging for a while, back now😝

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