The Menstrual Series Pt.1: My Journey into Reusable Menstrual Products

Hi Peeps,

It has been a long while since my last post but I’m hoping to get this Menstrual Series off the ground and get some more regular content out for you all. As some of you may know, I have been on the path to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. I have adopted better eating, become more conscious of the household products I use as well as my personal care products. I had also been watching lots of period videos on YouTube such as the ones by Its Just Kelli and it made me realize a lot of things…we are so taboo about periods! Why??? It’s the 21st century. Menstruation happens. We should just be more accepting and open about it instead of being embarrassed.

When these two things collided, my want for a more sustainable lifestyle and my want to un-taboo (de-taboo?) periods, I decided I was going to provoke some change; starting with myself. At first, I couldn’t wrap my head around reusable menstrual products because they involved getting really up close and personal with my own menstruation (since reusable implies rewashing). Then I realized, if I am on my period, and I take a shower, I already see whats coming out. If I accidentally stain my underwear, I already have to wash it out…so what’s the big deal? I finally decided to take the plunge and order some reusable products. I decided I wanted to try reusable pantyliners, pads and a menstrual cup. I did lots of research on different brands and how they work. Though Amazon does carry some items, I decided on ordering the pads and pantyliners from an awesome shop on Etsy (some of you may have seen me post about it on my Instagram). The menstrual cup I got directly from the company and the brand I went with was Lunette.

This series is going to explore my journey through the use of reusable menstrual items. I will be posting blogs about each of the items separately. I will share how well they worked  for me in terms of absorption, ease of use, clean up, portability, etc. I’m also going to share a little bit of my own personal struggle with my period (raise your hand if your period is less than comfortable). If this is something you peeps would be interested in, I invite you to subscribe to my blog and keep an eye out for future posts. I’m thinking I will start with the liners and pads first and then move up to the cup as I work up the courage to use it. I will ask for your patience as you can imagine that I can only test out these products for a few days out of the month and it will take a couple of cycles for me to develop an educated opinion on each product as I progress through the learning curves of each. Luckily, I have already gone through one cycle and I was able to use all the products at least once. Therefor the next cycle should be less of the learning curve and more of the proper use.

Fair warning, this series is going to be very TMI. If you are not into that type of thing…DO NOT Read it!!! There will likely be talk of vaginas, blood, cervixes and all things girly. I also hope to shed some light on a couple of different issues: 1-disposable menstrual products create a lot of waste. Your used products are sitting in a landfill somewhere where they will be for years!!! I know, right?! 2-Menstrual cycles are a normal, healthy part of a woman’s life. We should not feel embarrassed to be on our periods or embarrassed if one of our feminine hygiene products falls out of our purses/handbags. After all, half of the earth’s population goes, or has gone, through this process. If anything, we should feel empowered. This cycle generates life! Without it, the human population would cease to exist.


If you are all onboard to take this journey with me, keep an eye out for the upcoming posts in this series. I hope that by putting my experiences out there for you all, you can all learn something new and maybe try these items out for yourselves. Please know that I am not sponsored by any of the products I will discuss. I have not been compensated nor was I given products in exchange for reviews. Alright, let’s leave the disgust and embarrassment behind and let’s be more open and empowered!

Stay Awesome Peeps,


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