The Fall Tag!

Hello Beautiful Peeps! So, I was tagged by the gorgeous Polished By Amy. She has an amazing blog and YouTube channel all about nail art, beauty, adventures and more.  Please do check her out if you haven’t already. Let’s jump right in to the tag… Fav Thing About Fall? It sounds so tacky but everything! I love … More The Fall Tag!

Cruelty Free Tag!

Hello gorgeous peeps! The lovely Johanara from Vegan Needs tagged me to do this post. I love the idea of sharing my cruelty free faves! I’m supposed to tag 5 other bloggers to do this post but I would like any one that wants to do it to go for it…You Are All Tagged!!! Lol! So that … More Cruelty Free Tag!

Liebster Award

     Wow! I feel so flattered that my little blog has been nominated for this award by 2 young, and very talented bloggers. Jennifer Lee from They Call Me Jenni and Madi Sinclaire from Love Madi Girl were kind enough to nominate me, and for that I am grateful. Make sure you check out their blogs as they … More Liebster Award